Exchange and return of goods of inadequate quality

If you received a product of inadequate quality (which is defective and cannot ensure the performance of its functional qualities), you have the right to return or exchange the goods.
We provide customers with the opportunity to check the goods for defects within 14 days. If the defect is discovered by you after 14 days, we reserve the right, at our own expense, to request an expert opinion that the defect arose before the transfer of the goods to the consumer or for reasons that arose after that moment. If, as a result of the examination, it is established that the defects of the goods arose due to circumstances for which the seller is not responsible, the Buyer will be obliged to reimburse the costs of the examination, as well as the costs associated with the storage and transportation of the goods. The conclusion of the examination can be challenged in court.

For goods for which the warranty period is set, the return is possible during the warranty period.

Procedure for returning goods
The return of the Goods is made on the basis of the corresponding official statement of the buyers refusal from the Goods and the return of the amount paid for such Goods. The amount paid for the goods is returned in the same way as it was paid.


In order to carry out a complaint act, please fill in the following form with the necessary information describing the problem and the alleged cause of the defect. Do this in as much detail as possible, indicating how the problem appeared, how it was diagnosed, and what conclusions you came to. Please leave your email and phone number so we can contact you if you have any questions. Please note that it is very important to indicate the date of completion and submission of the request. After you completely fill out the request form, click on the "send" button.

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