Service and Warranty

Now you are the owner of a motorcycle, the operation of which, with regular and proper maintenance, will give you an unforgettable experience. Our team is trying to embody advanced developments in ZM motorcycles and form an optimal model range, especially for Enduro.

These warranty obligations are drawn up in accordance with the provisions of the Law of the Russian Federation "On the Protection of Consumer Rights" and the warranty obligations of the manufacturer CHONGQING AJ1

MOTORCYCLE co., LTD. Warranty repair is carried out by authorized service centers only upon presentation of a correctly completed service book indicating the model of motor vehicles, VIN number and engine number, date of sale, with the seal of the seller’s company, if there are seals of an authorized service center confirming that maintenance has been completed within the established time frame in accordance with the Operating Instructions.

Warranty repairs, if the necessary spare parts are available in the warehouse or at an authorized service center, are carried out within ten working days, in the absence of spare parts, the period is extended until they arrive, but not more than 45 days.

Any part found to be defective during the warranty period will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of CHONGQING AJ1 MOTORCYCLE co., LTD.

Parts replaced under warranty become the property of CHONGQING AJ1 MOTORCYCLE co., LTD.

CHONGQING AJ1 MOTORCYCLE co., LTD may, at its sole discretion, make any repair or replacement of defective parts beyond the scope of the warranty, but such work shall not be construed as an admission of liability.

CHONGQING AJ1 MOTORCYCLE co., LTD reserves the exclusive right to change the technical parameters, prices, colors, shapes, materials, services, structures, equipment, etc. to adapt to certain operating conditions, as well as stop the production of one or other model without prior notice or reasons. CHONGQING AJ1 MOTORCYCLE co., LTD is not responsible for configuration options, inconsistencies in illustrations and descriptions of existing modifications, as well as for typographical errors or other inaccuracies. The described models can be equipped with additional equipment that is not included in the standard complectation.

© CHONGQING AJ1 MOTORCYCLE co., LTD, China. All rights reserved.

Reproduction, including partial, as well as copying in any form is only allowed with the express written permission of the manufacturer.


The warranty period for the main load-bearing elements of motor vehicles with internal combustion engines is:

  • 1. Frame, pendulum - 6 months, 30 hours of run - depending on which of the indicated events comes first.
  • 2. The engine, electrical equipment, attachments of the brand "CHONGQING AJ1 MOTORCYCLE co., LTD" are covered by a limited warranty, which is 1 month, 20 hours of mileage - when serviced at service centers authorized by the manufacturer.

The warranty period for the main load-bearing elements of motorcycles with an electric motor is:

  • 1. Frame, pendulum - 6 months.
  • 2. Electric motor, controller, battery, equipment brand "EMAX" - 12 months, subject to the rules of operation
  • 3. CHONGQING AJ1 MOTORCYCLE co., LTD brand attachments are covered by a 1-month limited warranty.

All costs associated with the delivery of parts and assemblies to the repair site and back are borne by the buyer.


Run-in is performed up to 10 m/h. during break-in, avoid running the engine at maximum power, use the throttle stick no more than 2/3 of full travel. Carefully inspect the level of technical fluids and monitor the temperature regime of the engine, do not allow the antifreeze to boil!


This warranty does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer. CHONGQING AJ1 MOTORCYCLE co., LTD will, within the warranty period, repair the failure of the motorcycle as a result of a defect in material or poor workmanship and assembly of parts of the product, subject to the following conditions:

  • 1. The product has genuine manufacturer identification marks.
  • 2. The product has been used and serviced periodically in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations in the User's Guide.
  • 3. Periodic maintenance of the product was carried out at an authorized dealer service station with the appropriate marks in the service book.
  • 4. In case of resale within the warranty period, the right to the remaining warranty period is transferred from the first purchaser to the subsequent one.
  • 5. The authorized service makes a decision on how to eliminate the warranty defect: repair of the defective part, replacement of such a part or parts with new ones.
  • 6. Defective components

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