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The world will move if it's your world and if it has enduro! Off-road and mountain trips, like-minded people and competitions give a valuable bonus - passion management and a taste of life

Our company was created to give the Russian enduro market new opportunities and a new service. We went to China and entered into an agreement with the most technologically advanced ZUUM factory and began to improve enduro models:

  • checked all motorcycles for faults and external defects,
  • chose the best parts for motorcycles and prepared them for the realities of the harsh enduro discipline,
  • then they sent all the bikes for a test drive.

Only after these stages, the buyer could see and take the motorcycle.

ZUUM motorcycles: success in the Russian market

We were confident in the quality of the motorcycles, but we continued to give our customers detailed information about the models, released video reviews with test drives and technical specifications. ZUUM motorcycles are still participating in competitions and leading riders to victory! And today we are bringing to life the idea of ​​​​a unique enduro motorcycle ZMmoto, which is not inferior to well-known world brands.

ZMmoto Factory

Our company began to assemble motorcycles in Russia on its own: select the equipment and use the right spare parts to make a reliable and serious motorcycle - a powerful start for the ZMmoto brand.
Now our factory produces our own motorcycles with unique designs. At each stage of assembly, we strictly check the components and conduct thorough tests in the final. Our team rides in the mountains on their motorcycles!

We want to promote enduro in Russia and create a confident domestic product that a modern rider trusts. All ZMmoto models can be viewed here here. We are waiting for you to visit - we will chat over coffee and test the motorcycle before buying!

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