ZM Buster

ZM Buster

Model 2023

ZM Buster
Model 2023 ZM Buster

Motorcycle ZM BUSTER 2023 is the flagship model of the ZMmoto brand. Created to win, fully prepared for competition and hard racing.

text_price 440 000 ₽

ZM BUSTER 2023 - NC300

The powerful ZS 177MM engine, updated suspension and excellent handling make this model a reliable tool for endurist to conquer new heights. A bike for experienced riders that can handle the toughest sections of the track thanks to its power and strong configuration. ZM Buster is a proven participant in all-Russian and international competitions, which has a fair number of victories and prize-winning place.

All Characteristics
ZM Buster
ZM Buster
ZM Buster
ZM Buster
ZM Buster
ZM Buster
Engine ZS 177MM

Our motorcycles are equipped with Zongshen engines - from the largest and highest quality manufacturer in China. This is a progressive and reliable enterprise, producing up to 3 million reliable engines per year.

Engine ZS 177MM
Frame K8+ SERIES
Frame K8+ SERIES

Chromium-molybdenum upgraded frame manufactured in-house by ZMmoto in China. KTM frames are taken as a basis - various modifications for different models.


For your motorcycles, we have prepared the highest quality carburetors from the manufacturer NIBBI RACING.


Spare Parts

Original Spare Parts from ZMmoto


Specifications ZM Buster

Engine ZS 177MM
Type 1-cylinder, four-stroke
Cooling Liquid
Volume 298 cube cm.
Bore and stroke 84 x 53.6 mm
Ignition Electric (C.D.I.)
Starter Electric starter/Kickstarter
Lubrication system Wet sump
Transmission Permanent engagement, 6-speed, 1-N-2-3-4-5-6
Balance shaft Available
Clutch Multi-disc, in oil bath
Main Gear Chain
Fuel Brand AI 95
Max Power 21,4 kW (30 hp) at 9500 rpm / min
Maximum moment 27 Nm (2.75 kgs+m) at 8000 rpm / min
Brake system
Brake System AJ1 with front disc protection
Front brake Hydraulic single-disc, Ø 270 mm
Rear brake Hydraulic single-disc, Ø 240 mm
Brake and clutch handles Adjustable (AJ1)

AJ1 hard alloy steel brake discs, great wear resistance and heat resistance

Synthetic brake pads

Newly formulated AJ1 brake fluid, surpasses DOT 5.1 (more resistant to high and low temperatures)

Telescopic Fork Inverted closed cartridge HTW 48/54/60 - 940 fully adjustable
Front suspension HTW T9 - Dual Chamber Closed Cartridge - Gold-Brown/Silver
Rear suspension HTW T9 - 480mm Dual Tuned Shock
Devices Counter, headlight LED
Additional accessories Towing straps front and rear, Radiator guards, Front brake disc guard
Handlebar protection Handlebar protection
Footrests AJ1 with dirt cleaning

Reinforced 7075 aluminum handlebar, kink resistant

6 options for adjusting the position of the steering wheel to the anatomy and preference of the rider

Newly designed AJ1 milled crossheads with double fork grip for evenly distributed pressure on the fork legs and reduced friction between the inner and outer tube

New pegs (footboards) AJ1 - wide, high, no dirt sticking

Reinforced gearshift lever

Radiator protection with fan included

Headlight linzovannaya LED - 5 powerful LEDs with daylight strip

Hour meter and new airbag

All original nuts and bolts type torx + nut

Fuel system
Carburetor NIBBI PWK34 Racing carb
Tank Plastic, transparent, 8 liters
Характеристики АКБ
Battery Lithium battery 7A\h
Frame Updated, lightweight, rigid, duplex chrome-molybdenum tube frame.
Monoshock HTW 480 mm Adjustable
Rear Swingarm Aluminum, Alloy 6061
Progression With lever system
Underframe Алюминиевый, усиленный
New lightweight upgraded frame for 2023.
Tyres GUMMY MIDDLE Soft Tyres FT 887 80/100-21, RR 888 - 120/90-18
Front tire 80/100-21
Rear tire 120/90-18
Rims Reinforced rims alloy T7050, centrifugally cast hubs, spokes with red nipples
Japanese wheel bearings and NSK suspension.
Weights and Dimensions
Max Weight 160 kg
Dry weight of motorcycle 121 kg
Seat height 930 mm
Wheelbase 1470 mm +/-
Clearance 300 mm +/-
Curb weight 123 kg
Chain Without stuffing box 520 links
Front sprocket Steel 13 teeth
Rear sprocket Aluminum 52 teeth


Hydraulically actuated clutch with external slave cylinder, avoids the effect of overheated clutch. The clutch does not "lead".

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